Frequently asked questions



Is a platform for developers and companies, where they can find specific functionalities for every need in the form of API Products. Here they can sign up and use a testing environment or Sandbox, also they could ask BCI if they can use this API Products in a productive environment.

An API Product is an APIs group for developing a specific function. For example: the Accounts product has all the resources needed to give an answer with account data from BCI clients and your balance, in the case the client gave your explicit consent for this use previously.

Is the commercial and contractual relationship between BCI and a company that uses the BCI API Products in a production environment. For a company to be an Official BCI partner first they need to send a formal request to BCI for analyze and approval. In the affirmative case they are going to can use the API Products in your productive environment.

A public API is an API that doesn't need an approval client to use it. For example: Economic Indicators, which provides updated economic indicators of Chile. A private API needs the approval of a Bci customer because it will interact with our client’s private data, for this reason and for improving safety, explicit consent must be requested.

With the API Products, after signing up, you can test the operation by simulating a response in a testing environment or try it on your production environment if you are an official Bci Partner. you should choose the API Product that fits best for the functionality needed. For example: to test the Product API whose functionality is to make the Bci consumer credit simulator available for Bci clients, you must use the Product Personal Loans API.

To test our API Products in sandbox mode, you don’t have to pay anything, but you will be limited. When you join as a Partner and start to use API Products in a productive environment, there could be a cost, but it depends on the case and will be correctly communicated in the official partner adding process.

The API Market is aimed at all those developers, startups or companies interested in try our APIs. You don’t need to be a Bci client to use this platform, you only need to signup with few personal data. With this registration, the use of our API Products is enabled in a sandbox or test environment (with fictitious data).

The end user of the API Products is always the Bci client, because it is the Bci client who must give explicit consent to the Bci’s official partner to interact with a productive API Product in a productive environment.

Tecnical Questions

Sandbox or test APIs are those to which a registered user has access to test the exposed functionalities. These APIs have fictitious data as a response, and do not connect with real services of the bank, but are made up of responses of the productive format, with not real data.

First of all, to have access to the APIs in the sandbox version, the user must register in our API Market. For that, by means of a valid email, you must enter your data and confirm the registration with a confirmation link. Once registered, you can start creating your own Applications, with the sandbox version API Products exposed in the portal. Finally, to obtain access to API Products in productive version, the user must make a request to Bci which will be duly analyzed and communicated.