Customer Verification


Version: 1.0


The Product Customer Verification API consists of a GET HTTP method, which provides the RUT of a Bci client that has gone through an authentication process.


Requires Bci Access authentication. To do this, you must follow the steps detailed in the Getting Started Guide.


Call Example

Once the Authorization Token is obtained, you can invoke the operation:

GET /identification

Obtains the RUT of an already authenticated Bci client.

curl --location --request GET '{api_environment}/v1/api-customers/identification' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer V8P7dPEub6VRYnovA2nElfYlra6H' \
--header 'x-fapi-financial-id: ' \
--header 'x-fapi-customer-ip-address: ' \
--header 'x-fapi-interaction-id: '



  • {api_environment}: [sandbox | prod]
  • 'x-fapi-financial-id',s the ClientId that identifies your application.
  • 'Authorization', s the Authorization Token obtained from Bci Access.


Sandbox data

You can make the corresponding requests with the following information:

Key Value
CustomerId 11111111-1
Password 111222
Scope customer-verification